Strong pulled back again to a person as well as the anguish-able love that is her connection.

Strong pulled back again to a person as well as the anguish-able love that is her connection.

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Whenever I researched Rhonda Ricardo’s runaway entertaining and extremely “insightful” book “Cherries Over Quicksand,” which covers girls “who see or think their particular males have one leg out the door and that can feel the surface failing under their own base,” we immediately realized precisely why a person could never have sung the Gaynor song.

In Cherries Over Quicksand (and yes we’ll explain the title’s definition while in the tv show), Ricardo adeptly, sensitively and also humorously pertains “colorful reports, typically about guys with left their lady and then ached to return,” as well as the reasons why lots of men fundamentally just couldn’t say goodbye and exactly why some know they need to.

Joining me personally on Thursday, EST are the one and only Rhonda Ricardo, to fairly share her very own distinctive observations of males (and female) she questioned from all components of The united states for Cherries Over Quicksand.

We are all knowledgeable about the Gloria Gaynor struck Never Can Say Goodbye, whereby a people is mysteriously

Rhonda Lucille Ricardo works as a freelance columnist for Californian/The North state occasions; she has covered community happenings your societal Scene area. Ricardo has also worked as a legal assistant in Civil and families legislation. She liked instructing Sunday school and performing for the choir while increasing the girl three children Sandra, Brad and Jim, the joys of this lady life…and is actually involved towards the love of this lady lives, racecar motorist Robert Broguiere. She provides these tales, friend-to-friend, for the reader’s pleasure.

Rhonda’s Latest Book:

ARE YOU THE WOMAN HE CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT? One early morning Rhonda Ricardo, a freelance columnist for The Californian/North district period, courageously set out to see solutions from people to assist the ladies in her life which planning or know her men got made a decision to flee their particular castles. Today everything you daring damsels are able to use these many insightful and funny partnership hero’s pointers and reports to simply help sinking pals see a giggle in complicated era. Or even maybe pull out your worried-self and decide that you are entitled to a much better Romeo . . . a person who does not have one foot outside and/or better, to wake-up your own personal resting superhero making him realize and perhaps panic some . . . the indegent guy, because today – YOU’RE WOMAN the guy CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT! CHERRIES OVER QUICKSAND description: When a lady finds out (or thinks) her people desires on or worse-already snuck out in the middle of the night time or maybe just bolted after straightforward union challenge; the instant feeling of falling or becoming sucked into quicksand are an average reaction of alarm blended with unexpected anguish that can cause chaos with a woman’s esteem. The very thought of their abrupt (or impending) deviation trigger saddened females to transport dirty clothes inside their child’s meal container or tough . . . rack up vehicle parking passes as she continuously walks from their parked automobile in a daze, areas at your fingertips . . . while operating confusing questions regarding the girl guy through their head. Girls only have plenty friends and family to turn to for pointers in their pursuit of satisfying (cherry/happy) affairs. CHERRIES THROUGH QUICKSAND embraces gents and ladies to conveniently fall into Rhonda Ricardo’s collection of painful and sensitive and amusing union reports obtained from people (several women), to ease their delicate hearts, relax, make fun of, fortify after which chose to pick CHERRIES THROUGH QUICKSAND.