Celebration of Universal Brotherhood Day 2021


Date: 22nd June, 2021.

Speaker: Ms. Mansi Dholakia, CEO- Founder of Global Mental Health Foundation and UN ECOSOC Speaker

Highlights: Ms. Mansi Dholakia spoke on the essential elements of emotions to ponder upon for developing a smart personality with a higher level of Emotional Quotient (EQ). She  started with an interaction on feelings and its impact on one’s behavioural traits. She also insisted upon expressing gratitude on a daily basis to overcome stress and to uplift one’s self. She put emphasis on identifying three things that one is grateful about and needs to journal them down. While explaining the connection between relationship management with EQ, she pointed out that “Your education in life arms you with skill for career but EQ enables a person to take decisions of professional and personal life”. She also signified the balance of EQ and IQ in one’s career by highlighting few examples of MNCs nowadays considering EQ equally important like IQ in higher post recruitments.