Faculty Profiles
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Dr. Marzun E. Jokhi


Qualification : PhD, CA, CMA, M.Com
Subject Area : Taxation, Accountancy & Finance

Dr.Rajul Goenka

Qualification : M. Com., M. Phil, Ph. D
Subject Area : Accountancy and Commerce

Dr. Bimal Solanki

Qualification : M.Com, M. phil., Ph.D
Subject Area : Accounts, Commerce

CA Dr. Sneha Kanaiyalal Master

Qualification: CA, Ph.D., M.Com, M.Phil., B.Ed., LLB.
Subject Area: Accountancy, Taxation & Management.

Dr. Bhavna Parwani

Qualification : M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D.
Subject Area : Accounts, Commerce, Mergers and Acquisition of Industries

Dr. Kruti Shah

Qualification : M.Com, M. Phil., Ph. D
Subject Area : Accountancy and Commerce

Dr. Bhavin Bhatt

Qualifications: Ph.D., M.Phil. , M.Com.
Subject Area: Accountancy, Taxation & Commerce

Dr. Aashal Mitren Bhatt

Qualification : M.Com, M.Phil., L.L.B, Ph.D
Subject Area : Accountancy, Commerce, Commercial Law and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Dr. Krupa B. Bhatt

Qualification : M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D
Subject Area : Commerce

Dr. Bhavik U. Swadia

Qualification : D.litt, Ph.D, GSET, M.Com, B.Ed, LLB
Subject : Commerce

Dr. Jaimin Kamleshbhai Patel

Qualification : M.com, CA(Inter), Ph.D
Subject Area : CommerceAcademic

Dr. Anjali Trivedi

Qualification : Ph.D, GSET, M.A. (Economics)
Subject Area : Micro & Macro Economics, Growth & Development Theories, Financial Inclusion of Urban

Dr. Beena G. Patel

Qualification: M.A. (Economics), GSET, Ph.D.
Subject Area: Micro & Macro Economics, Demographic, Social- Economic Development, Rural Development, Agriculture

Dr. Devyani A. Chatterji

Qualification : M.Sc. (Gold Medalist), M.Phil.(Statistics), Ph.D. (Statistics)
Subject Area : Statistics, Mathematics and Research Methodology

Dr.Keyur Vohra

Qualification : M.A., M.Phil. (English), Ph.D
Subject Area : Eng. Literature, ELT, Translation Studies and Communication

Dr. Gitanjali Rampal

Qualification : B.A. (Gold Medalist), M,A., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D
Subject Area : English

Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria

Qualification : M.A., B.Ed., M. Phil., Ph.D.
Subject Area : English, Communication Skills

Akhilesh Chauhan


Qualification : M.A., B.Lib., M.Lib.(Ph.D. Pursuing)
Subject Area : Library science

Nidhip Shah

Qualification : M.com (Accounting), GSET, Ph.D. (Pursuing)
Subject Area: Financial Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Management Accounting and Taxation.